From the desk of Drew Lavine

Something exciting in the energy world is happening. When Lucid started in 2004 the untapped potential for building occupants to impact energy use by changing their behavior was barely on the radar as an outlet for energy efficiency. After much pushing, prodding and proving, we are seeing behavior change and occupant engagement move into the mainstream. Learn More…


From the desk of Drew Lavine

How do you know if a building is really green? If you are a prospective tenant looking for space, an employee looking for a healthy environment, or you are just interested in architecture and design, where do you go? How do you find out what people think of the places they work? As of today, you can go to Honest Buildings, a startup that lets you “See what’s happening inside buildings and connect with people who live, work and spend time there. Read more…

From the desk of Neil Young

Participate from anywhere worldwide! April 21,22, 28 &29

Participants from six continents and over 80 nations around the world unite via an online, virtual conference and exposition featuring an array of distinguished leaders and teachers on the cutting edge of cultural, economic, environmental and political change.

Add your voice to the grassroots organizations, forward thinking business leaders, visionaries, artists and activists who are joining the Better World Forum to provide empowering solutions that create sustainable, effective, highly productive and peaceful communities!

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