From the desk of Alex Vondeling

Since we all seem to be into tracking and competing,  this site is great for measuring the walkability of your neighborhood.

They also rank cities for best transport and cycling. I find that suspect since it ranks Philadelphia higher than Chicago and Portland for public transit, but it doesn’t make the top 10 for biking.  I’m not sure I agree with that assessment – I actually found the City fairly bike friendly – except for the lame drivers who would yell at me to ride on the sidewalk!

From the desk of Chris Lee

The CSBR Site and Building Carbon Calculator tool is intended to assist site developers, building designers, facility owners and operators with the calculation of their carbon footprint for their site and building development. For new projects, the tool is designed to assist architects and developers in estimating the greenhouse gas impacts of alternative design decisions in the early phases of design. The tool is also designed to determine the carbon footprint of existing buildings.

You can download the calculator from the U of M website.

From the desk of Drew Lavine

This is nothing we all don’t already know, but it is presented  here in a great graphic that’s fun to scroll through: Click to see the graphic (use your mouse wheel and scroll down through the site to see the graphic animation)

Afterwards, check out the website – C40 is a network of the world’s megacities taking action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  And Philadelphia is a member…

From the desk of Alex Vondeling:

The Healthy Building Network in conjunction with Building Green is launching Health Product Declaration (HPD) as a format for reporting product content and associated health information related to building materials.

One of the goals is to encourage product transparency (much like food manufacturers being required to list ingredients). Several manufacturers have signed on as being willing to participate. See who has signed up here…

For those of us specifying products, both this web site and Pharos’ are great places to start for product selection.