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From the desk of Drew Lavine.

Not a new study on the carbon footprint of your favorite adult beverages, but it is a nice concise summary…Read the article.


From the desk of Drew Lavine.

Re:Vision was recently invited by our friends at Interface to participate in a national competition called “Interface Sustainability Next”.  The competition rues were simple: with your smartphone, tablet, or point-and-shoot camera, create a video (30 seconds to 2 minutes in length) that describes your vision of the future of sustainability. Make sure an Interface carpet tile makes a cameo in your video!

Our team of filmmakers (who knew we all had this in our repertoire as well;) embraced this challenge and crafted a short film called “Re:cycle Everything”.  While not as self effacing or serious as some of the other entries, “Re:cycle everything” is a laid back, tongue in cheek exploration of the future burdens of our society’s waste stream and the ability to (hopefully) upcycle everything.

Enjoy the video, vote for us as many times as you care, and forward it on…

Click on the link below to watch some of the entries, including Re:Vision’s Recycle Everything.