Environmental Issues

From the desk of Drew Lavine.

This short piece is an important reminder that while our ecological mission is important we need to simultaneously remain aware and connected to broader social issues as well.  We all know the triple bottom line but what this author is suggesting is that our best efforts with regard to sustainable design can and are being undermined by crumbling social conditions.

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From the desk of Drew Lavine

When Beth Terry saw a photo of an albatross with a rib cage full of trash, she decided to give up plastic. Today, Terry might just be the world’s foremost expert on how to live without the stuff. And that’s no easy task. Think about all the nooks and crannies of our lives that plastic has made its way into: food packaging, clothing, the protective box your favorite gadgets come in, even facial scrubs. And while there are all kinds of reasons to hate plastic, for Beth Terry, it’s an issue of justice. “The more I learn about plastic, the more I realize that it’s those most vulnerable on the planet — whether it’s animals or babies or poor people — who are affected the most,” she says.

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