Several years ago, Re:Vision started an internal newsletter to consolidate and archive our abundance of “check this out” emails into one weekly summary. These posts are simply items that we want to share with our colleagues—things that inspire us, intrigue us, infuriate us, or just local happenings. The more we found ourselves forwarding copies of the posts to friends and clients, the more we thought we should go ahead and make the distribution open to anyone who wants to tune in. In that spirit, here ‘tis Re:Vision’s weekly “staff” newsletter for your reading pleasure.

If you are reading this newsletter, you probably already know what Re:Vision is about, but just in case…Re:Vision Architecture (Re:Vision) is a deep green architecture and sustainability/LEED consulting practice that was founded in 2002 to re-vision and restore the balance between natural and built environments. Re:Vision specializes exclusively in green building projects that demonstrate how to take less from the planet (fewer natural resources, less pollution) and give more to people (more daylight, comfort, health, beauty, prosperity).

Learn more about us and our work at

Contact Re:Vision Architecture
133 Grape Street
Philadelphia, PA 19127

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