Burning Wood:

From the desk of Jenn Rezeli

This is a very visually appealing material with a long lifespan…wonder about the embodied energy in carbonizing it and the cost (of course).

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  1. Not quite the same visual effect but maybe the same properties. Been using Thermally modified lumber for a while and being a woodworker at heart I love this material. Turns blond poplar or any species to a dark chocolate color. The darker it is the more thermally modified it is and makes it more rot resistant. Cooks out the resigns so nothing for the fungus or insects to feed on thereby providing rot resistant lumber for decking, building cladding or a number of outdoor uses. This process also collapses the cell structure making it more resistant to moisture. A very stable piece of lumber. The pictures in this post looks more like how the Vikings and Chinese used to do this thousands of years ago. Today, it’s done in large kilns and while it does have a high embodied energy, price is less than Trex.

    Here are a few pic’s of a Morris style outdoor Adirondack (My apologies to Willie for using his name and Adirondack in the same context) chair we built using Thermally modified Ash and OSMO stain. Should last outdoors for 25+ years.

    Here are a few pics of Thermally modified ash used for indoor flooring. What I like about this is you can have your indoor floor from this material and take the same species right out the door to your deck. Now that’s a nice visual effect.

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