The 2013 Greenbuild Challenge:

From the desk of Neil Young

DVGBC is asking its members to challenge themselves to reach new heights in green building by Greenbuild 2013 (located in our fair city of Philadelphia). Re:Vision Architecture‘s pledge is to reach 100 LEED certified buildings (including 20 LEED Platinum) and near certification of a Living Building Challenge project.

A few other pledges include:

The Energy Efficient Buildings Hub will support 5 full spectrum energy efficiency retrofits in regional commercial buildings

Philadelphia University will have graduated 150 students through its sustainable design program

Pennsylvania Horticultural Society will plant 250,000+ trees regionwide through its Plant One Million project, grow 250,000+ pounds of food through City Harvest, and clean and green 250 acres of vacant land throughout Philadelphia

The City of Philadelphia, across city agencies, will employ green building standards for all residential and mixed-used projects receiving city funding

Habitat for Humanity Philadelphia will build to LEED Silver standards on all new construction projects.  

The Philadelphia Zoo will complete the Hamilton Family Children’s Zoo and Faris Family Education Center, the first LEED certified building in a zoo in PA

See more pledges here...

What will you pledge?


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