Monthly Archives: March 2012

From the desk of Neil Young

This infographic was created to help you decide whether to hit the send button…or not. Click here for the full flowchart

Apparently, emails about cats and dogs are a big problem. All jokes aside, this is an eye opener with some practical lesson like:

– Time is wasted looking for emails that are not properly labeled
– Use NNTR (no need to respond) when response isn’t necessary
– Keep your emails limited to three sentences…otherwise, pick up the phone and use your words.
– Don’t cc everyone…unless it’s important

From the desk of Drew Lavine

NthDegree has developed a pioneering new method of creating beautifully colored solid state lighting products. Using our printed semiconductor technology, our lights are manufactured by printing our semiconductor inks with a standard printing press. This low-cost integrated manufacturing method creates lights that are flexible, lightweight and can be converted into many different form factors – adding significant value to the end user.

Learn more about the company and their cutting edge projects here.