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Developed by the Urban Green Council, the EBie Awards celebrate performance of existing buildings through a variety of categories. If you are working on a project with a building built prior to 2007, please let me know so we can look at potential submissions.

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From the desk of Neil Young

Imagine if the next coat of paint you put on the outside of your home could use light to generate electricity — electricity that could be used to power the appliances and equipment on the inside.

This material has been in development for some-time and this latest news is a sign that the future generators of renewable energy will be endless and will most likely become a part of everything we use. Read More…

From the desk of Jenn Rezeli

For all of you Spinal Tap fans out there, scientists have discovered the blackest black on earth. “How much more black can you get… the answer is none more black”.

The architectural applications of this material are still to be determined, but with the ability to absorb light 7 times more efficiently than the best light absorbing paint currently available its practical applications are soon to come.


This article comes from the Transmaterial Blog, which I highly recommend you sign up for.

From the desk of Neil Young

Each year the Pennsylvania Farm Show unveils a series of giant butter sculptures, and this year the mother of them all was revealed – a 1,000 pound piece of butter art. The sculpture depicts a 4-H member receiving a ribbon for a prized calf at the county fair. When the show is over, the sculpture’s creator Jim Victor of Conshohocken, Montgomery County will donate all 1,000 pounds of it to the Juniata County Dairy Farm, which will place it in a methane digester to generate 65 kilowatt-hours of electricity to run the farm. Read more:

From the desk of Neil Young